Herborist Brand Launch – Paris, France

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Herborist Brand Launch – Paris, France


Herborist is a Chinese herbal cosmetics brand and that launched it’s product in Paris. In Paris, the company had set two goals: The first goal was to increase consumer awareness in China regarding Herborist as an international brand competing in the French market and becoming an opinion leader representing Chinese brands in global markets. The second goal was to raise interest among European consumers for the brand in the French market.


The story behind China’s culture has spread to Europe instead of a story about a Chinese product is how European partners can better understand Chinese culture. Glocal Strategy regarded the exposure from the European media before the Chinese media as having a greater influence on the story’s coverage.


Herborist had a successful product launch and in the span of one month, 87 Herborist skin care products out of 2,000 single skin care products was ranked 4th at Sephora’s flagship store on Avenue Champs Elysees. It also received mainstream media attention and was selected as the case study of the year.